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According to the ethical criteria of the medicinal products distribution, Altes Marketing does a correct production advertising based on the actual pharmaceutical demand and the principles of the rational usage of the medicaments, honesty and trustworthiness.

We do the production promotion in accordance with our national policy in the sphere of public health service of the republic, economic and social conditions in it. Altes Marketing promotes the medicinal goods that are exclusively produced for our company by pharmaceutical factories in Europe and the USA. We offer a wide range of goods for the majority of therapeutic spheres (neurology, cardiology, rheumatology, gynecology etc.)

The major method of promotion is the work of the medical representative. The major aspects of the successful work and a clue to success are:

  • A good coverage of the targeted audience of doctors;
  • Highly-qualified work of the team;
  • The regularity of visits and the fixing of the positive feed-back.

The staff of Altes Marketing embraces all the regional centers of Azerbaijan, which allows providing the promotion of the medicines not only in the centre, but also in the regions. The overwhelming majority of the staff of the company has a pharmaceutical education. High qualification and a rich working experience distinguish our staff. Our medical representatives combine the professional knowledge of a doctor and pharmacist with the great communicative, presentation and selling skills.
For every product special promotion strategy is worked out. Every new brand implementation on the market is scientifically justified. The experience of the cooperation with doctors and pharmacists helps our company to fix and analyze the feed-back.

  • The major functions of the medicaments promotions are:
  • Investigation of the possibility of the distribution of the new product;
  • The prime positioning of the product on the market;
  • Information support;
  • The forming of the health care professional and opinion leaders of our country attitude.

We work in a close contact with the Prevention and Treatment Facilities, medical centres, private clinics, a chemist chain, which makes possible for us to use a flexible policy of the medicinal products promotion.

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