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Being a distributive company, Altes Pharm keeps to the international standards in the sphere of storage and keeping medicinal products in the depots and warerooms. The staff of the company is constantly holding auditor check-outs of the quality and the meeting international storage standards.

For Altes Pharm it is the aim number one as the health and confidence of the clients is oe of the most important priorities. Below one can see the rules the company keeps to.

Premises and equipment should be suitable and adequate to ensure proper conservation and distribution of medicinal products. Monitoring devices should be calibrated.

Receipt Receiving bays should protect deliveries from bad weather during unloading. The reception area should be separate from the storage area. Deliveries should be examined at receipt in order to check that containers are not damaged and that the consignment corresponds to the order.

Medicinal products subject to specific storage measures (e.g. narcotics, products requiring a specific storage temperature) should be immediately identified and stored in accordance with written instructions and with relevant legislative provisions.

Storage Medicinal products should normally be stored apart from other goods and under the conditions specified by the manufacturer in order to avoid any deterioration by light, moisture or temperature.

Temperature should be monitored and recorded periodically. Records of temperature should be reviewed regularly.

When specific temperature storage conditions are required, storage areas should be equipped with temperature recorders or other devices that will indicate when the specific temperature range has not been maintained. Control should be adequate to maintain all parts of the relevant storage area within the specified temperature range.

The storage facilities should be clean and free from litter, dust and pests. Adequate precautions should be taken against spillage or breakage, attack by micro-organisms and cross contamination.

There should be a system to ensure stock rotation ("first in first out") with regular and frequent checks that the system is operating correctly. Products beyond their expiry date or shelf-life should be separated from usable stock and neither sold nor supplied.

Medicinal products with broken seals, damaged packaging, or suspected of possible contamination should be withdrawn from saleable stock, and if not immediately destroyed, they should be kept in a clearly separated area so that they cannot be sold in error or contaminate other goods.

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